Here you can find answers to the most common questions regarding Macks4Sale.com!

What is this site all about?

Macks4Sale.com is a website, hosted by Watt's Truck Center, that helps bring Mack Truck Buyers and Sellers together!  While we do list our own available inventory, we also invite users to register and post their own "For Sale" ads on our pages.  In return, we do the advertising and promoting as well as associating the site with our name, which is already a trusted name in the world of Mack Truck sales, parts and service!

How does it work?

Macks4Sale.com is simple to use!  If you would like to place an ad on the site, just click the Sign In/Register button and then click Create an Account.  After you fill out the registration form, you will be presented with several different seller packages to purchase.  Each one contains different perks such as 1 listing for 1 month or multiple featured listings for 6 months.  You can choose which ever package meets your advertising needs!  You will be asked to pay for the package up front via Paypal and there will be no other charges or fees to list and sell your truck(s) until your package expires and then you will need to renew if needed.

Is this site just for Mack Trucks?

While we do focus on Mack Truck sales from all model years including antique, classic and modern Macks, we do also allow other makes and models to be listed.  The listing tool may not have all of the actual models or features for some other brands but you can still list them in the description and listing titles.  If you would like to list a truck and need make and model information added to the listing tool, just give us a call during normal business hours and we can add it while you are on the phone!

What if I encounter an error or other problems while listing my vehicle for sale?

We manage this site in house so if you encounter any problems while listing or browsing, please give us a call during normal business hours and let us know what is wrong.  You can also email us from the Contact page.  Seller packages are non-refundable but we will make every effort to fix any problems or help you with your listings!

What do I do if someone wants to buy my truck?

First off, Congratulations!  Macks4Sale.com doesn't charge any buyers or sellers premiums and no hidden fees or charges.  As a matter of fact, we don't get involved with the process at all.  We simply provide the media for buyers and sellers to get together and close their own transactions.  As with all online sales, we do remind you that you must buy and sell at your own risk so be sure to communicate with your buyer (or seller) and make sure everything feels right!  We try to keep all spam and spammers off the site but we just can't guarantee that every buyer or seller is who they so so please do your homework.  Once you make arrangements to sell your truck with your buyer, you can visit your listing and mark it SOLD!

What if my truck doesn't sell?

While we make every effort to bring as many buyers to the site as possible, we can't guarantee that your vehicle will sell.  Many factors affect truck sales including market demand, pricing, value, etc...we are not responsible for many of these factors so we can't predict which trucks will or won't sell.  That's why we only charge an upfront listing fee that is non-refundable.  We do guarantee that we put in the leg work to advertise the site in as many places as we can including antique truck magazines, social media and many other sources.  The more viewers we can bring to the site, the better your chances are to sell your vehicle!  In the event that your truck doesn't sell, you can pay the fee to renew and try again or close the ad with no other charges or fees.

How much does it cost to list?

Pricing depends on how many trucks you want to list plus other factors such as how long you would like your ad to run an if you would like feature ad placement on the home page, etc...You can view the different package available HERE.  If you would like a custom package set up, give us a call or email and we can work out a plan that is perfect for you!

What if I encounter a scam or scammer?

Please note that Macks4Sale.com and Watt's Truck Center cannot be liable for any 3rd party scams that you may encounter.  While we try to keep scams and scammers off of the site, there is a slight possibility that a scam could slip through.  If you encounter or suspect a scam, please report it to us via the contact form.  If you are a victim of a scam, we will provide any information that we can but you may have to contact your local law enforcement office to seek resolution.  We have no way to confirm that users are who they say they are so you are reminded that all buying and selling is done at your own risk.  This goes for all online buying and selling.

Why are there fees to list?

We charge a one time, up front fee to list your truck(s) because the the revenue helps to cover the high cost of server fees, domain fees, software updates and remote backup storage.  We also spend a lot of money advertising and promoting the site in truck magazines and online sources so we can get the maximum exposure for your listings!